Content Marketing for your business: a king Strategy


You WRITE. Your audiences READ! This is the simple concept of CONTENT. “Content writing helps you sell the idea of the product.” Now advertisements do not overwhelm much, thus businesses struggle to send their messages to customers

In a recent study conducted it came to know that 70% of the users prefer to get their information from articles with the title such as “10 best steps”, other articles such as WHY and HOW.


  • 76% of the marketers are increasing investment in content marketing
  • 38% of marketers publish content weekly or more often
  • 49% of the companies have executives who are directly responsible for an overall content marketing strategy

The whole purpose of this article is to let businesses know what is content marketing, how it has grown this big, how it can affect their businesses and how they can get started with the same.


Content marketing is the type of marketing strategy that involves creation, publication, and sharing of this material online to the target audiences in order to bring traffic and attract more customers to your business.

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.”

Now the whole purpose of online research is to find high-quality content, thus finding the text, video or image that provide the relevant information according to the area of interest. Content marketing deals with this stuff, helping people search the best information over the web, creating relevant content and distributing content that entertains.

How Has Content Marketing Grown This Big?

Good content sells fast.

The more you invest in good content, higher the conversion rate and higher sales & profit. But have you ever wondered what makes a content worth marketable? Check below some features of good content and how are acts as this big seller.

  1. Uniqueness — From SEO point of view, every content displayed on the web has to be unique. Duplicate content gets blocked, and the unique content with the personal touch of writer gets more attention.
  2. Relevance- With a lot of algorithm updates on SEARCH ENGINES, it becomes important for the writers to put a relevant content with proper keywords and topics on the website.
  3. Consistent- Content delivered with fixed time period becomes easily recognizable. Speak the tone in your writing style that the consumers get to know and grow familiar with your organization’s products and services.

How Right Content Marketing Strategy Helps Your Business?

Here are 5 perfect reasons how right content marketing strategy helps your business-

  1. Build Your Trust With Visitors!

To gain business you must first gain trust by your valuable audience through an ongoing effort of Content Marketing. Use your expertise to gain the trust of your online readers. The more good quality content you share, the more it becomes for your audiences to create an authority in your field.

2. Build Brand Awareness

Do you know organic traffic grows over 200% with content marketing?

Most people don’t know about your businesses if followed correctly content marketing can be used significantly to increase traffic and inbound links to your site and let audiences know about the brand that they never knew about.

Right content marketing strategies help increase the brand awareness and demonstrate well your skills and expertise.

3. Great Tool To Use in SEO

Content Marketing is on the rise!

When a user writes some keyword or phrase on the search bar, the search engine works hard with all its algorithms to find the most suited information from the search query.

When you write an expert piece of content with some of the good keywords used then the search engine recognizes your content as useful and provides it to the people searching for it. Search engine algorithms are being updated on regular basis, but as long as your content is up-to-date, informative and relevant it is sure to rank high longer in search engines.

4. Generate Leads For Your Business

About 67% of the B2B companies say that their Blog generates more leads per month than those who don’t.

For an eCommerce store, you need new leads to come all down your way. Content marketing helps a stranger to find useful and informative content.

5. Build Backlinks

Write well for reaching your audiences and link them back your website. Depending on the linking site you may multiply your audiences. The quality of backlinks helps the search engine rank better your site.

If authority sites are linked to your content then more people will visit your site through these links.

Get Started With Content Marketing Strategy.

Analyze your audience’s interest in order to define a better content strategy.

  • PLAN- Understand well to make your content more unique.
  • PRODUCE- Optimize content as you create it with keywords.
  • PROMOTE- Know where to market your content to gain more profits.
  • ANALYZE- Understand results and work to get more output.
  • AMPLIFY- Understand and amplify steps that help you get more ROI.

Now you may have understood that Marketing is telling the world that you are the rockstar & content marketing is showing the world you are one. It’s not that late to use the content as a powerful tool for your businesses. Start it today, define your core audience, write relevant content and promote it to get better ROI.

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